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Premium Aged Rice Wine   顶级陈年老酒
  • Premium Aged Rice Wine 顶级陈年老酒

    Aged Rice Wine - aged for 1 year, experience the difference. 
    Ideal for celebrations of longevity as gifts for cooking the traditional Hong Zao Ji Mee Sua. 

    W Rice Wine is all-natural and pure with no added sugar or preservatives and gluten-free.


    Aromatic and smooth, our premium rice wine is a delicious condiment that is widely used in culinary recipes by chefs and cooks across the world. The brew is aged in clay barrels to produce a premium rice wine that can be enjoyed on its own, or in steamed and braised dishes. It is not a secret that rice wine has long been considered a health tonic - one that is almost forgotten! 

    W Rice Wine is handcrafted in Singapore with an heirloom recipe handed down over three generations since 1931. 

      S$21.90 一般價格
      Pre-Order for 9th August 2024
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